Nikos Tsiros was born in Athens in 1980, the reason he decided to become a photographer is that he loves to capture moments in a picture, it's a kind of inspiration for him  to create feelings in a frame. He is very interested in every kind of photography and he believes  that with your own aspect  you can give an interesting sense in something lifeless or indifferent. 
 He was lucky enough to start his carreer working with very good photographers such as Fashion, Portraits and Still Life assistant and his to work alongside in Photojournalism.
 Later he started working as a Photographer in famous magazines of Condé Nast publications like Vogue, Lucky, Glamour and GQ magazines, Rodale magazines - Men's Health and Prevention - and others Life and Style magazines in Greece -  Status, Hello - Hola S.A., Ego Weekly, Life N Style are some of that magazines - specializing in Portraits, Fashion, Still Life and  Covers. 
 In Photojurnalism he was mainly working at Exodos magazine in Cultural Photojournalism, but most of all only in his first steps of his career . He also worked in Product Advertising most of all  in the field of Fashion and Beauty, Printed and Digital Press. In Deco Photography he worked with Zaros S.A. company  and they prepared together the Commercial Catalogs for the spring of 2010 and for the autumn of 2010.
 Later, about 2013, in Deco Photography collaborated with Marie Claire and the others magazines of DOL Publications for Fashion Portaits, Portraits and Still Life, Cosmopolitan it was one of the most popular magazines  who was cooperating with this Greek publications.

 Now he is working as a free lancer for web or printed projects in Fashion and Advertising industries.
 At his spare time, he like to working his personal projects in the field of Photography, but and in the Moving Image as a Filmmaker and Cinematographer on short movies films, also the last season he worked and on advertising projects in the Moving Image for Dynamic co, DKF ltd and others.