Rent the studio or book us for your project

To rent the space
1 hour 25,00 euros

2 hours 40,00 euros
3 hours 55,00 euros
4 hours 70,00 euros
5 hours 85,00 euros
6 hours 100 euros
7 hours 115,00 euros
8 hours 120,00 euros
Discount for more hours or days
To book us contact with us
to tell about your project


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About the equipment we have
availables 8 studio flash lights with all the equipment (softboxes, reflectors, spots, snoots, etc)
4 led lights, backdrops and different kind of style props.

Godox QTII High Speed Pro
New arrivals in equiipment
Also you have daylight if you want to work on it
Make up room
Ask us for our props
High speed test in studio flash
People & Brands